Family Photographs

There are two files of images available of different sizes.  Choose one by clicking on the file name.

BoylesPic is about 7MB in size.  This file contains low to medium resolution pictures.  It will take 20-30 minutes to download on a 56k modem.

BoylesPicBig is about 33MB long and contains higher resolution pictures.  Broadband users should be able to download this file in 2-10 minutes.   It is not recommended for modem users due to the long download time.  

You cannot open either file without a password.  If you don't have the password please send email to with your name and your email address.

Once the first page of the file has been downloaded you can save the whole thing to disk for future use by clicking on the SAVE A COPY button somewhere near the upper left of the Acrobat window.

The download file is a PDF and can be read with Adobe's free Acrobat Reader.  If you need the reader, please click on the Adobe logo below.